AP Health offers skilled advanced practice providers an opportunity for career control, flexibility, competitive compensation and ownership interest in the company.

Why work with AP Health?

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AP Health is growing! We are seeking highly-skilled Advanced Practice Providers and other clinicians committed to career advancement and great service to our customers.
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Reviews from our Employees

Read about what AP Health employees say about working for the company.

I feel very fortunate to work for AP Health. Giving us ownership in the company is a great motivator. It’s not just a job, it’s our livelihood. We want to give the best care for our patients everyday. The surgeons value our expertise on a daily basis. Personally, I advanced to a manager position and am very grateful for the opportunity given to me by AP Health.

Dusty Lynn, PA-C
Nashville, TN

“Thanks for everything you guys are doing through this crazy time.  We are very lucky to be a part of this company.  Thank you again. Melanie our Director of HR is worth her weight in gold.  I’m sure you know this already.  Love her”.

Ashley, RNFA
Fort Lauderdale

“Thank you (Toby, CEO) for being a leader who appreciates and cares for his employees. Your efforts to keep us normal in this unusual time (COVID-19) makes me proud to work for such a productive and compassionate company.”

Marlene, RNFA
Fort Lauderdale, FL
"We are proud to call all our employees partners because they are owners in AP. We feel this helps to significantly separate our level of service from our competitors."
- J. Toby Gray, CEO, AP Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about AP Health? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

  • Why should practitioners work with AP Health and not directly for a Surgeon or Hospital?

    You will have a lot more control of your career – and work with an organization that knows and understands Advanced Practice Providers and surgical assistants as well. Besides joining a dynamic, new organization which is on the cutting edge of team-based care you’ll be compensated with a great salary, benefits and opportunities to advance your career. We believe our business model and concept will proliferate rapidly throughout the U.S. healthcare system, and, unlike most practitioners working for other organizations, you will be an owner, too!

  • What surgical specialties does your company cover?

    All specialties

  • Do you accept entry-level practitioners?

    We typically hire practitioners in all categories with at least 2 years of experience. Yes, there are some opportunities for new grads.  We have a robust new provider training program to focus on skill development.

  • What types of practitioners work for your company?

    We employ a range of practitioners to work in a hospital’s perioperative care continuum: Physicians (MD or DO), Physician Assistants (PA), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Certified Surgical Assistants (CSA) and Registered Nurse First Assistants (RNFA).

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