About Us

AP Health is a surgeon-centric outsource provider for hospitals and surgery centers. We recruit, manage, schedule, and train skilled Advanced Practice Providers, tailoring a team to meet each surgeon and hospital’s needs.

Our Mission

AP Health was founded in 2014 with the mission to inject quality and cost savings into hospital surgical care. AP Health’s business model improves the "health" of all of our key stakeholders, including hospitals, surgeons, practitioners and patients. We relieve hospitals of the recruiting and administrative burdens associated with in-house surgical staff, we increase surgeons’ productivity, we offer great career opportunities for Advanced Practice Providers and improve clinical outcomes with our care delivery.

The AP Health Model

  • For Hospitals
    • AP Health recruits, employs, manages, schedules, trains and outsources credentialed advanced practice providers for surgical care, eliminating hospitals’ direct costs for surgical care staffing.
    • AP Health assumes responsibility for billing the providers’ medically necessary services, decreasing your administrative burdens.
    • AP Health increases the operational efficiency of your surgical care staff, lowers staffing expense and increases your agility.
    • AP Health is transparent, providing monthly financial reports/metrics to our hospital partners.
    • AP Health recognizes there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We’re flexible in developing a program that aligns with your hospital’s unique objectives, policies and procedures.
  • For Surgeons
    • AP Health’s model provides you with your personal team(s) of skilled NPs, PAs, RNFAs and CSAs to assist you throughout the surgical care continuum. Your team is knowledgeable about your routines and procedures, improving your efficiency in the OR.
    • AP Health develops a backup plan for each surgeon, ensure that each surgeon has two to three surgical teams familiar with any procedure.
    • Your team of AP Health providers perform administrative tasks ancillary to surgery, enabling you to perform more surgeries, focus on direct patient care and increase your revenue.
  • For Practitioners
    • AP Health was founded and is managed by certified PAs who understand the demands and expectations of our employees.
    • AP Health is employee-owned. Each employee has equity in the company through our stock incentive plan.
    • AP Health tracks and rewards performance.
    • AP Health offers our employees career control, flexibility of schedule and variety in terms of the cases you’re working and the hospitals you’re working in every day.
    • AP Health offers opportunities for NPs, PAs, RNFAs and certified surgical assistants across a range of specialties, including in Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, OB/GYN, Cardio-Thoracic and many more specialties.
    • AP Health generally pays higher hourly rates than hospitals and surgery centers and provides a choice of medical insurance plans.
“Part of understanding surgeons and hospitals is a recognition that no two are alike. The key for us is flexibility. We tailor our approach to each hospital, department and surgeon, improving efficiency and outcomes across the surgical care continuum in ways that strengthen the bottom-line.”
J. Toby Gray, Chief Executive Officer

Company Leadership Team

J. Toby Gray
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Greg Flanagan, MHA
Chief Operating Officer
Dave Meagher
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
John Torres, PA-C
Senior Vice President, Florida Operations
Dan Teller, PA-C
Vice President of Cardiac Services
"Hospitals generally don’t focus on recruiting Advanced Practice Providers-that’s our niche. We have a Human Resources team that recruits highly-skilled, expert practitioners. With our outsourcing model, we’re putting them on our payroll instead of the hospitals’ so they save money by partnering with us."
Greg Flanagan, Chief Operating Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about AP Health? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

  • What types of practitioners work for your company?

    We employ a range of practitioners to work in a hospital’s perioperative care continuum: Physicians (MD or DO), Physician Assistants (PA), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Certified Surgical Assistants (CSA) and Registered Nurse First Assistants (RNFA).

  • Why choose AP Health to improve our hospital’s perioperative services – versus doing it on our own?

    While your hospital may be an exception, this is a new, advanced, perioperative approach for the vast majority of hospitals which simply do not have the in-house resources to manage and execute. This includes the Clinical Perioperative Staffing, Information Technology, and Perioperative Process Improvement services needed. As a third-party we can bill separately for our Advanced Practice Providers (that are deemed medically necessary according to strict compliance rules) and therefore save you money.

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