AP Health Launches LogistiSx v2.0

New web capabilities simplify surgical case scheduling, improving revenue cycle and service delivery to hospital clients.

NASHVILLE, TN – AP Health, a Nashville, TN provider of credentialed surgical Advanced Practice Providers to hospitals and surgery centers, announces the launch of LogistiSx 2.0.

A web and mobile application, LogistSx 2.0 enables each AP Health practitioner to securely capture and report all pertinent surgical case information on-site at the hospital. This creates a centralized document-of-record that AP Health back-office administrators use to drive everything from practitioner scheduling to case-coding and hospital and insurance billing.  The newest release enhances our scheduling of providers to achieve the highest level of quality by assigning the appropriate provider to the case.

“It’s an efficiency tool for our practitioners in the field and our administrative staff, which ultimately improves the quality of service we deliver to hospital clients, surgeons and patients,” says Chief Operating Officer, Greg Flanagan.

AP Health practitioners work an average of 3 surgical cases per day and collect, assimilate and report a significant amount of information for each – time-in and time-out, procedure information, insurance information, notes about the surgery and more. “That used to be a paper-based process, but LogistiSx 2.0 technology streamlines and foolproofs those workflow processes,” says Flanagan. “It provides all stakeholders – our practitioners, our hospital clients and our administrators with a single source of real-time truth on each case.”

LogistiSx 2.0 integrates with hospital scheduling systems, automatically uploading each hospitals’ 5-day surgical care schedules each afternoon. Every AP Health practitioner receives his/her next-day schedule through the mobile app at 5:00 pm and receives text alerts regarding any change to that schedule.

Flanagan believes such real-time data integration and front-line/back-office efficiency gains are key to improving the productivity and satisfaction of AP Health practitioners. “We’ve built AP Health by attracting and retaining the most qualified advanced practitioners in surgical care and by providing our hospital clients with a consistent high level of service. LogistiSx 2.0 removes much of the administrative burden from our practitioners, allowing them to focus on their clinical mission, which, in the end, is all that matters to our clients. It’s central to our continued success as a company.”

About AP Health

AP Health is a privately held healthcare services company based in Nashville, TN.  The company is a surgeon-centric outsource provider of surgical care staffing for hospitals. AP Health recruits, manages, schedules and trains skilled advanced practice providers, tailoring a team to meet each surgeon’s requirements and to assist with the full continuum of pre, intra, and post-surgical care services.