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Access career opportunities and join our team of Advanced Practice Providers
AP Health employs exceptional advanced practice providers committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective care to our hospital and surgery center partners.
- J. Toby Gray, Chief Executive Officer

Surgical Care Services for Surgeons

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“Our providers are the key to our success. To attract and retain the best, AP Health employees have stock ownership in the company. We align our compensation incentives to deliver superior services to hospitals and surgeons.”
- Greg Flanagan, Chief Operating Officer

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"For financial and clinical reasons, hospitals are expanding their reliance on outsourced advanced practice providers, especially in surgical care. At AP Health, we're committed to delivering value to hospital partners."
- J. Toby Gray, Chief Executive Officer


Hear what others are saying —

“Surgical Assistants from AP Health are an integral part of my team. I depend on and trust their experience and expertise. I also appreciate their positive attitudes and “hustle” in order to make my OR day as efficient as possible.”

Philip A. G. Karpos, MD
St. Thomas West Hospital

“AP Health put together an exceptional team to help launch our cardiac program. They understood the importance of achieving quality results in year-one, so they recruited a senior-level, highly skilled cardiac PA to build our program.”


I love working with AP Health because I get to work in the exciting field of surgery and strengthen my skills as a surgical PA. I’ve also been able to meet many interesting people in the OR who I’ve formed relationships with and learned from, including doctors, other PAs, nurses, and anesthesia providers.

Erica Wilner, PA-C
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Company Updates

Patrick Willett, PA-C, MDSc, Drawn to Professional Independence at AP Health

After 10 years working as a Physician Assistant (PA) with different physician groups, Patrick Willet, PA-C, DMSc, decided he wanted to be in an environment that offered professional independence and growth- that is what brought him to AP Health.

Finding Efficiencies in Operations Doesn’t Require AI By Katelyn Nordby, AP Health Operations Manager

t seems like everyone in healthcare is looking for AI to be a silver bullet to improve operations and increase profit margins. While the power of AI will be transformative, there are opportunities to leverage technology to improve performance with tools that are available today.

Matthew Blakemore, PA-C: a Wandering Path to Medicine

“The work-life balance is also much better here,” Matthew says about AP Health. “I have more time with my wife and kids and get to leave work at work. There’s no coming home after a long day and having to dictate notes for hours at night. Here, I get up in the morning, go to work, scrub in, do surgery, scrub out, and I come home to spend time with my family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about AP Health? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

  • What surgical specialties does your company cover?

    All specialties

  • How does AP Health help surgeons?

    AP Health is all about making surgeons’ lives at the hospital easier which makes yours easier – and your hospital more profitable – and a better place for patients to receive care. It’s about intelligently offloading non-procedure work to Advanced Practice Providers and other professionals and working as a perioperative team.

  • How is your firm compensated?

    Typically, we receive a stipend from the hospital to manage the Surgical First Assistant (SFA) program – and will guarantee savings (at your current volume of surgeries) while providing a number of additional benefits to your hospital. The remainder comes from the professional services that AP Health bills for separately that are deemed “medically necessary.” The percentage of savings depends on a number of factors including a hospitals’ case-mix, payor-mix, and surgeons.  AP is able to provide a discount to hospitals because AP bills third parties directly. However, there are many functions performed by AP which are not reimbursable such as double scrubbing, assisting on a non-medically necessary cases, and other payer specific restrictions.

  • Why choose AP Health to improve our hospital’s perioperative services – versus doing it on our own?

    While your hospital may be an exception, this is a new, advanced, perioperative approach for the vast majority of hospitals which simply do not have the in-house resources to manage and execute. This includes the Clinical Perioperative Staffing, Information Technology, and Perioperative Process Improvement services needed. As a third-party we can bill separately for our Advanced Practice Providers (that are deemed medically necessary according to strict compliance rules) and therefore save you money.

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