Independent Providers

Keep Your Independence. Lose the Headaches. Get paid more.

AP Health understands that you like being independent. Being able to work when and with whom you want.

However, it's not always easy: Paperwork is a burden, Out-of-network reimbursements are low, and insurers are slow to pay – if they pay at all!

Keep your independence without these headaches by partnering with AP Health.

AP Health offers Independent Practitioners

  •  Less case documentation
  • No coding or billing
  •  In network reimbursement rates
  •  Faster payments
  •  Paid malpractice insurance
  • Control over your schedule – no taking call

AP Health can give you the best of both worlds: the big company benefits you need and the independence you want.
  • AP Health will reduce your paperwork and get you paid faster – at in-network rates.

    With our proprietary LogistiSx app, when you finish a case, you simply take a picture of
    the face sheet with your notes – and you’re done!

    We handle all coding and claim submission. We are in-network for all major providers,
    so your work will receive higher reimbursement rates.

    Our revenue cycle management system reduces the time from case submission to
    payment. You get paid when we get paid.

  • AP Health will pay for your malpractice insurance.

    When you are on your own, malpractice insurance is a major expense. We will pay to put you on our plan and get you a certificate immediately.

  • You control your schedule with AP Health.

    You continue to control when you work and who you work for. You maintain the relationships with the surgeons you serve.

    There is no requirement to take call or take on additional surgeries. However, if you want to pick up additional work, AP Health will place you in our surgical pool to work other cases – when it works for you.

  • AP Health's partnership plan with Independent Providers is easy and fair!

    AP Health will deduct a reasonable percentage of the revenue generated by our Independent Providers. However, when you consider the reduced paperwork, higher reimbursements, faster payments and paid malpractice insurance, we’re confident you’ll come out ahead.


I have been practicing as an assistant surgeon/physician assistant in orthopedic spine surgery for the last 33 years. Throughout my career I have had my ups and downs, my hard times taking trauma call 3 days straight and meeting Monday at 5:45 am for fracture clinic, surgical scheduling, etc. There are good things and bad things in all areas of practice but I can assure you that teaming up with the right partner like AP Health will give you great advantages all while maintaining your independence. They manage and bill all cases promptly, handle all the scheduling, and provide a fair return. It is also a huge relief they cover my malpractice insurance, which independently would cost much more. They are an organization I trust to partner with.

Felix Quevedo, PA-C (Independent Provider)
South Florida

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